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SF Beer Week 2019 Approaches

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SF Beer Week 2019 is rapidly approaching. Excitement is building and as if there weren’t already a ton of events planned, more and more are being added.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the SF Beer Week preview night, for an evening of beer tasting, food and conversation with a variety of brewers and brewery employees from the Bay Area brewing scene.

Living in the Bay Area, we are blessed with an embarrassment of riches in regard to the beer offerings available to us. However, traversing across the far reaches of the Bay Area is not always an option. When you imagine Alvarado St. in Monterey and Russian River in Santa Rosa, they aren’t exactly close by one another. One of the most exciting things about SF Beer Week is the opportunity it offers to try the wide variety of Bay Area Beers on offer from all around the region. And possibly the best opportunity to find most of these beers in one place is the Opening Gala on February 1st at Pier 35.

Lester Koga, head brewer at Barebottle Brewing, loves the energy of SF Beer Week. “I love to see all the crazy things all the other breweries are up to.” Lester also pointed out that the Opening Gala is not to be missed. He says it’s the single best beer event of the year in the Bay Area, so be sure to get your tickets soon for that event.

Another exciting event, being hosted by HenHouse Brewing, is The Roost. If you are interested in intimate beer dinners with a beer-centric dining experience, this may be just for you. Each night, The Roost will feature the same beers paired with an entirely new menu, created by a different chef. Each dinner will be limited to 25 seats and actively hosted by that night’s chef and one of the HenHouse squad of cicerones.

All around the Bay you can be sure expect there will plenty of Hazy offerings on hand, but there are quite a few “big beer” events as well. There are plentiful triple releases planned, as well as a number of library tastings, which promise to offer rare and no longer available beers.

While looking over the event schedule can be a bit overwhelming, the website has a lovely little tool for you to tag events that look interesting and then go back and “manage” all the ones you have tagged. You may have to make some sacrifices, but rest assured there will be plenty of great beer and lots of good times to be had at SF Beer Week. So don’t wait, and get planning.

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