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Camino Brewing Grand Opening

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Camino Brewing

Camino Brewing officially opened today. Although they had a soft open weeks ago, today was the official day of “We are open for business.”

The buzz had been building for a while and a decent fan base had already been built up. The opening time was 2pm and as we approached I saw no crowd outside. My initial thought was worry. Maybe no one was going to show up. But as we got to the doors we realized the place was packed, the line was just not out the door yet. Soon after we arrived though, the line began to snake out the door.

It was a good vibe in the taproom. Beer was flowing and the bartenders were keeping pace with the constant crush of orders. It took quite a while to get a beer, but that was expected given it was opening day.

Although one can’t guarantee what future success will be for Camino, my guess is that they have found a sizable fan base and as long as they continue to make quality beer they will have little to worry about.

The taproom environment is quite nice. It’s a great place to hang out and knock back a few. A screen hung from the wall with a large projector pointing at it, so I’ll be interested to see what visual entertainment they might provide.

Camino Brewing Opening Day

I am just excited to see more breweries open in San Jose. Judging by the wall-to-wall people at the opening, San Jose could support even more breweries in the future. In talking with other brewers in the area, it’s clear that we are way behind cities like San Diego and Portland in terms of density of breweries, so really the more the better.

Camino is off to a great start, and I see success and a crowded taproom in their future.

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