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Enjoying some Pliny the Elder


What makes me qualified to write a beer blog? I personally think anyone who drinks beer and enjoys it can write a beer blog. It probably helps if you can actually write too. The thing that I plan on doing differently is integrating a lot of video. You see, my day job is making videos. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years. So my hope is to take you inside the Bay Area breweries and give you a look behind the scenes and get to meet the brewers and brew staff in person. And also give you a taste of the atmosphere in the various taprooms.


For me the atmosphere is really important in deciding if I will be coming back. Great craft beer helps a lot, but if the atmosphere sucks, I’m less likely to go back. Is it inviting? Is it a party scene? Are the patrons true craft beer lovers or people just looking to get buzzed? Is it filled with weirdos? (Yes we found that one.) What is the food situation? Do they have food or just a food truck outside? Is the food more important than the beer? These are the many things I have observed in various taprooms and bars and I hope to point out the ones I enjoy the most and hopefully you will like them too.

Start South Move North

The numbers can be daunting. If including the wide reaches of the Bay Area the number of brewies is over 200. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Unless of course your quest is to seek them out and report them here. This is going to take time. And since I’m in San Jose, I’ll start in the South Bay and branch out. I may make treks further afield when it makes sense, but expect me to build out my exploration from the south and work my way north.

It’s altogether possible some places may not want me in there with a camera or want to talk to me. It’s also possible, after an initial visit either the vibe or the lack of interesting beer may inform my decision about exploring the brewery further.

Not just IPA

Now I know people have their favorite brews. I for one, as a lot of people in this area, am quite a fan of the IPA. My tendencies lean that way, but I will strive to get outside of my box and try the variety that is offered. My intention isn’t to step on anyone’s toes or offend anyone, but I doubt I will be recommending any Jalapeño beers or anything with blueberries in it, unless it’s a muffin. And although I am unfamiliar with the sour, I will try my darndest to develop a taste for it.

I’m hoping you will stick around and come back on a regular basis to check out what we’ve got going on. I’ll do my best to entertain you and give you some tips for great places to get some great beer.


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